We provide various Japanese language programs to suit your learning needs.We assure all of our teachers are qualified native speakers of Japanese, friendly, and approachable.

Learn Japanese with our valuable resources, such as an original textbook containing numerous practical expressions which you can apply immediately,and the enthusiasm and professionalism of our teachers will support you to open up to language learning.

We look forward to embarking on this journey together!


Head Teacher – 15 years

Mami Kondo

Japanese Teacher – 7 years


Japanese Teacher – 10 years


Chinese Teacher – 15 years

I was born in Gansu, which is the northwest of China, and got my undergraduate of teaching Chinese as a Foreign language in 2006.  

I have been working as a Chinese language teacher for 15 years. In my leisure time, I enjoy painting and photography. I am also crazy about coffee and enjoy making latte art.  

My way of teaching always focuses on my students, which means I will design teaching courses according to the characteristics of different students. I also like using various tools such as music, short movie, or cartoon to make my lessons engaging. 


Chinese Teacher – 6 years 

I studied applied linguistics and asian cultural history for undergraduate and masters degree. I have 6 years of teaching experience across VCE Chinese, HSK global language exam, business and travel Chinese, as well as Chinese culture study.  

My personal interests including calligraphy, history, photography and piano. Personal motto: If there is a problem can’t be solved, drink fruit tea and cuddle the cats. If not working, drink more and cuddle more! 


English Language Teacher – 15 years 

I have been teaching at JIC since 2006.  Prior to that I worked at both private and public schools in the admin area.  When I first began at JIC I taught mainly general english from beginners to upper intermediate levels, then transitioned into supporting students wishing to undertake the IELTS test. I now focus on providing IELTS support.   Although students are from all walks of life and from varying backgrounds, the majority are from Japan.