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Learn Japanese

JIC Language School was established in Melbourne, Victoria in May 2002 with an aim to create an effective and enjoyable learning environment along with a high level of support for all our students. We provide a professional service that will increase your understanding of different cultures and communication in different languages.

Please contact us to discuss your language learning goals and take a free level check test and trial lesson.

Why our school is different

Learning Quality

We provide various language programs, and as far as we can we endeavor to tailor-make lessons to suit individual learning needs. We assure all of our teachers are qualified native speakers. The enthusiasm and professionalism of our teachers will support you throughout your language learning experience.

Our Classroom Procedure

We believe in small groups (3-10 students per class), flexible class times and friendly teachers. The benefit of small classes is you get a lot of opportunities to ask questions and get to know your classmates quickly to promote a relaxed but vibrant environment.

Language Instructors

JIC’s instructors are all approachable and well prepared before the classes. They are always willing to assist if you encounter any problems.

Japanese online course

Japanese is available as Group and Private Lessons. Group Lessons are conducted using ‘the direct method’ (immersion) by which students are fully immersed in the Japanese language and culture. At JIC, classes are conducted entirely in Japanese. Learn the language using our original textbook and other valuable resources. Our unique textbook contains numerous practical expressions which you may apply immediately in daily life. Courses encompass all levels for general classes. VCE, JLPT support, and Kids classes are also available. This applies to our online classes as well.

Japanese onsite course (weekend only)

For descriptions of our classes from Beginner to Advanced, please  refer to the Japanese Online section.  We also offer support classes for JLPT students as well as Kids’ Japanese Language, Travel and Culture classes.  Onsite classes are available only for groups and are conducted only during weekends.  The syllabus for onsite classes is the same as Japanese online.



Introducing our new online language learning platform JIC REMOTE.  This is the future of learning languages with professional teachers of your choice. Learn your favourite language at any time at your home on your phone or laptop  – an effective way to save time.

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